WALLY HALL: Travels to Gulf Shores

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – For the first time since March 16 yours truly has traveled beyond Pulaski County.

The in-laws, Pat and Fan Timpani, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary Tuesday and the occasion is taking place in Gulf Shores.

Extra precautions were taken in selecting a secluded house for my family.

It felt good to see Little Rock in the rearview mirror, not because I don’t love my hometown because I do, but this has been the longest stretch in my 41-year career to not leave home.

The drive to Lake Village, usually a little tedious because looking a field corn quickly becomes tiring.

Across the bridge into Greenville we headed to our usual lunch place, Pasquale’s, only to see a sign on the door for takeout only.

Fortunately, they forgot to take the sign down and Friday was the first day they were allowing dining in.

Driving through Jackson, Miss., always leaves one question, will they ever finish that road construction on the south side of the city? The answer, apparently not.

When we finally arrived here, after 5-year old grandson Fisher asking no less than 22 times, “How much longer?’ we immediately ran into a problem.

Because not every restaurant has reopened the wait at others was more than a hour.

We finally succumbed to Mugshots, a burger place around the corner from out hotel, and it was okay.

Today we are on to Gulf Shores, but for the first time we are taking the ferry across Mobile Bay.

Just looking for something different after 107 days of being quarantined.


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